Please, try out Jump-Location 0.6.0 release candidat. The official release will happen later this week.

Install instruction

If you don’t have Jump-Location, please read instruction, targeting this archive.

If you are already using Jump-Location, you can replace binaries in (Get-Module Jump.Location).Path folder, or start powershell session with -NoProfile option and import the new version of module.

Start-Process powershell -ArgumentList '-NoProfile -NoExit -Command "Import-Module <path-to-release-candidate>\Jump.Location.psd1"'

Release notes

We have a lot of good stuff for you!

  1. jumpstat now has -cleanup parameter.
  2. Fix for Issue with space in folder names
  3. jumpstat now has -scan parameter.
  4. Fix problem that cause powershell slows down 5 times when the module is using.
  5. Rename cmdlet from ‘Jump-Location’ to ‘Set-JumpLocation’.
  6. Set-JumpLocation now use Push-Location by default, and j - as a popd alias.
  7. Other bug fixes.