I like spreadsheets. Sometimes I find an old spreadsheet and wonder what the heck I mean, when I created it. Today I found an one-year old sheet about laptops and want to share it.

I described scenarios that my lightweight laptop (they used to be called ultrabooks) should satisfy. I added some scores (10 is maximum) for two laptops that I used for the past year: macbook air 2012 and dell xps 12.

Note: I use a laptop as my main working machine at home, I don’t have a working station there.

Scenario Metrics Priority Dell XPS Macbook Air
open laptop,
quick yelp/google maps/mail lookup, close laptop
Startup time, browser readiness P1 4 9
Scroll web page Smothness P1 6 10
Adjust sound level
(for music / video)
easy in unusual conditions
(i.e. during sex)
P1 7 8
install toolchain for a new
write “hello world” app using it
Count of non-automated actions (i.e. install unsigned drivers) P2 3 7
clone source from github, build project Any additional software required? P1 4 7
install a new general purpose software easy to find,
easy to install
P2 8 6
Type instant message in dark room, laying in a bed how much time do you need to do it,
is it a good expirience
P2 6 8
Play a game from steam Is this OS supported for games?
Does laptop have enought space to install one more 7-Gb game?
Does hardware allow me play some new hits?
P2 6 3

That’s pretty much sums up why I prefer macbook air. Yep.